Sirena (jazzybeans) wrote in sm_crossovers,

First timer!

Alright so here is my first post.
My name is Sirena, but you can call me "Jazz." I am 17 and have been inlove with the Sailor Moon series since I was in 5th grade.I don't exactly have a FAVORITE crossover couple... but my little sister is obsessed with Sailor Moon and Pokemon. She always has me draw her pictures of Minako and Satoshi (or Ash) together. If anyone wants to make a picture of them, that'd be great! ^_^

For now I offer this...


Hope you can see it.. it sometimes doesn't work.

Anyway, I know these 2 are about 4 years different in age, but my sister's theory is: "When she was the same age as Satoshi..."

Peace out!

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