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I thought this community should live!...since there's hardly anything good out there.

As it says in the rules, I shall introduce myself:

Website:It's not mine but it's a good site for sailor moon lovers! www.moonromance.net. It's a place for submitting your own fanfiction but there's alot of rules to do so. And it takes awhile to post even 1 chapter up, that have to be approved by the story mods. I'd try fanfiction.net, but since that place has changed, and since it became more strict, and since there's so many flamers among that site, I need a place to post my crossovers!
About myself:I love writing fanfiction. Especially creating OC's, made up characters. I try my hardest to not make them Mary-sues but I know I can't make people in the fanfic world happy. It's been 4 years since I've last posted any story on the internet so I'm willing to try again! I do have a current story right now in my journal--narutomonkey---it has Sailor Moon in it, but it's a multi-crossover. I love writing multi-crossovers. ~__*
Favorite Sailor Moon crossover couples:
-Serena(I have a tendency to write that name, I'm used to it than Usagi)/Yusuke(YYH)

And bare with me if you will, I like using the english names of characters from Sailor Moon. The japanese ones don't really go with me... T__T

Oh yes! I have a story coming soon! If I get a reply to my post. It's called Bleach:The Soul Reaper Revelation Chronicles and by the title, it does have the anime Bleach in it. Eh? Dunno what Bleach is? I shall post a information link later if I am able to post my story later on. Oh yes, one last note: There's some characters from other animes that are in here, but I assure you, this is a Bleach/Sailor Moon crossover!--both plot lines and all.

There's also OCness too. V.V I know...

And here's just a summary to get people going:

It's been 32 years since the last war with the Sailor Scouts, now Serena disapears with the Eternal Dragon Shenron, leaving the universe to her children. What's this shocking secret they find? And how does it affect Soul Society?

Oh, and a useless crossover community plug by me:

Still in the works!...even though I stink at graphics and advertising...V.V;;
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