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Name: kino
Age: 19
Website: rockababy for fanfic, decopoison for fanart
Favorite Crossover Couple: Minako/Tony Lovato, but I have a deep love for all crossovers, especially obscure ones

Hello, all! This is my first time here and I come bearing gifts. As I said above, my favorite crossover pairing is Minako and Tony Lovato of the band Mest; they are not only my favorite Sailor Moon crossover pairing, they're pretty much my favorite pairing ever. The mix of Tony's jaded, brash personality with Minako's never-ending supply of energy and their mutual love for fun and games is too much for me to resist. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to find someone who's a big enough fan of both fandoms to write any, so the only Tony/Minako out there is mine. I do have a lot of it, though. :D My fics can all be found here, if anyone's interested. I also have a few other little gems that I thought some of you might enjoy:

Title: "La Smoking Bomber"
Author: rockababy
Fandoms: Mest, Sailor Moon
Rating: PG
Notes: I strayed from the usual Tony/Minako to write some Tony/Tuxedo Kamen, because there isn't enough Mamoru fic out there. Be warned that this is vaguely yaoi-ish.

Title: "Halo"
Author: rockababy
Fandoms: Sailor Moon, Trigun
Rating: PG
Notes: A gen piece written for sm_monthly.

Title: "Cowabunga"
Author: rockababy
Fandoms: Sailor Moon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Rating: G
Notes: Also written for sm_monthly and incidentally was the recipient of that community's "My Head Exploded" award for best crackfic. :D

Title: "Island"
Author: rockababy
Fandoms: Linkin Park, Sailor Moon
Rating: PG
Notes: A friend challenged me to write a Rob Bourdon/Minako drabble centered around the word "island."

That's it for now. I hope you guys take a look and enjoy what you see. Comments and constructive criticism are always appreciated. :)

I also want to let you guys know that I run a community for Sailor Moon fan art, so if you have any, you're more than welcome to show it off at sailormoon_art. Hope to see you there!

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